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If you want to make a trip to a destination in downtown Guilin, using the extensive public-transportation system is the best choice. Bus Number 58 is free for tourists (anything that begins with “5” should be free), and it runs to many local sights, including Xiangshan Hill and Seven-Star Park. Otherwise, most of the city’s public buses stop in front of Guilin’s long–distance bus and train stations. The ticket fee is CN ¥1.0 per person per ride. Also, bringing a detailed city map with you would be a good idea.
Bus Routes:
  • No.1 bus: Nanxi Cinema--Cross-Road Circle--North Railway Station
  • No.2 bus: Guilin Railway Station-Nan Menqiao Bridge--The Elephant Trunk Hill--Fubo Hill--The Reed Flute Cave
  • No.3 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--West Hill Park--Jiashan--The Reed Flute Cave
  • No.4 bus: Guilin Railway Station--South Stream Park--Wayao-Qifengzhen
  • No.5 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Wayao Cross-Road--Yanshanzhen--Yangshuo
  • No.6 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Tire Factory
  • No.7 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Electric Meter Factory--Miaotou
  • No.8 bus: Nanmenqiao Bridge--Electric Meter Factory--Lingui County
  • No.9 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Wayao--Overseas Chinese Farm
  • No.10 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Geology Institute--Laser Institute
  • No.11 bus: Seven-star Park--Cross-Road Circle--Guilin Railway Station--South Stream Park--Pingshan
  • No.12 bus: Wayao--Aviation Maintenance Center
  • No.13 bus: The Reed Flute Cave--Guan Yin Ge--Folded Brocade Hill--Fubo Hill--Seven-Star Park
  • No.14 bus: West Hill Park--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Sanlidian Circle--Wulidian
  • No.15 bus: Special Route to One-day city-tour
  • No.16 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Lijiang Bridge--Putuo Rd
  • No.17 bus: Putou Rd--Guilin Railway Station (along the Ring Road)
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