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Li River Cruise

1.while joining the package tour, please make sure that:

If you are asked to purchase some additional items which are not included in the tour contract, you have the right to learn about the details of the itinerary and the composition of the fees. After agreeing with the clauses, you can choose to sign the Additional Tour Items Agreement with your tour guide.

Routes of Li River Cruise Recommended by Guilin Municipal Tourism Bureau:

1) Li River Highlight Cruise: From Zhu jiang Pier to Yangshuo Pier
2)Guilin Urban Li River Cruise: From Long chuan ping to Die cai Hill
3)Yangshuo Cruise: From Shui dong men Pier to Pu yi

Among the routes recommended, the first route is the best one, from Zhu jiang Pier to Yangshuo Pier (You will enjoy the natural beauty of Li River by taking a luxurious, air-conditioned boat).

The waterway of Li River Highlight Cruise will feast your eyes with the wonderful landscape along the trip. And it is the only one legitimate route which recommends by Guilin Municipal Tourism Bureau, making your journey in Guilin a pleasant and comfort memory in life.

2.The procedure of booking a boat ticket for Li River Cruise:

How to book a boat ticket of Li River has become an increasingly important issue for visitors. As the most authentic institution, Guilin Municipal Tourism Bureau suggests tourists that mastering the procedure in advance:

1) You should book your boat ticket one day before your cruise. You can book the tickets with the help of the professional staff from Guilin Tourist Information Center. Or you can inquire any tour affairs with them. Their phone number is 0773-2800318.

2) Foreign tourists would board the boat at the Zhujiang Pier or you would delay your cruise.


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